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Deborah Ambrose

Director of Carrier Services | Arrow S3


After working for RCA Business Telephone Systems in management, Deborah Ambrose made a shift into architecture, engineering and carrier services with the intention of diversifying her professional skills. Now, with over two decades of experience in the telecommunications field, Ms. Ambrose serves as director of carrier services for Arrow S3, a solutions corporation focusing on communications, as well as voice and data technology systems.

Ms. Ambrose’s areas of expertise include presenting architectural and solutions requirements to business affiliates and clients. As a director at Arrow S3, she is responsible for supporting sales departments, communicating with various manufacturing teams, managing technical support and operations teams, and approving sales strategies.

Attributing her professional success to a strong work ethic, an affinity for education and a genuine interest in her work, Ms. Ambrose has garnered a number of accolades throughout her career. She was the 2011 recipient of her firm’s Engineering Specialist Award for accruing an excess of $45 million in carrier services revenue. In the future, Ms. Ambrose hopes to become involved with teaching and training services pertaining to her trade.

When her busy schedule allows, Ms. Ambrose enjoys reading and learning about astronomy and physics.

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